Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hey Everyone!

Hello everyone!  This is Heather Petersen, bunny nerd, writing.

Some of you might know me by my site,  I breed, raise, and sell rabbits as pets or show animals.  All my rabbits are pets before show, and I pet them and let them exercise each day.

Right now, I have a pregnant bun.  Rose is her name...

I should tell you all about my rabbits first.

I have six rabbits.  Their names are Theo, Clarence, Rose, Snowball, Shirley, and Maia.  Rose and Clarence are REWs (Ruby-Eyed Whites) and the rest are himalayans.

This is a picture of the two colors.  Maia (on the left) is a (badly colored) himalayan, and Clarence is an REW.  

Also, I built nine (soon to be twelve) really cool cages.

This is a picture of them, the way they looked last fall.  This spring, there are a whole lot more cords and wires and lights attached.  But they look basically the same.  Other than the electrical paraphernalia.  There's also a really cool chicken coop that my mom built.

Yup.  That's my introduction.

And if you haven't already checked it out, please click the link.  My website is pretty cool, if I do say so myself.

I almost forgot.  I also have another website where you can SELL YOUR RABBIT!  So if you wanna sell or buy a rabbit, this is the place to go.  It's kinda empty now, but you can help change that.  Besides, the more places you post your rabbit or rabbitry ad, the more likely it is to sell!

So that's it for now.

Heather Petersen